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Connection. Community. Support.

Sunflower Birth, Baby and Wellbeing believes in educating, supporting & empowering your pregnancy, birth & postnatal journey with holistic classes that connect the mind & body, & build confidence, power & knowledge. We are your village of support & wellbeing throughout the perinatal period & beyond. 

Also offering a programme of baby massage & baby yoga, suitable from 4 weeks up to around 15 months old, & kids yoga based on stories, games & play with classes for children from 2 -8 years old, to encourage creativity, curiosity, confidence, freedom to learn & explore the world around them at their own pace, & time & space to look after the wellbeing of our little ones. 

I am also a Tree Babies & Nature Babies Guide, running beautiful immersive sessions for parents & babies in nature to enjoy forest bathing, eco therapy, mindfulness, a gentle walk, relaxation & time to slow down, unwind & connect to nature & foster your little ones life-long love of nature with a community of like-minded other parents & babies/kids. I also run Wild Winter Baby Nurture Circles to bring the outside in, & encourage rest, connection with nature & sanctuary in the colder and darker months.

Classes take place in Brecon, Crickhowell, Llangorse, Talybont on Usk & surrounding areas, with online options too. 

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers, strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves & know their inner strength.” Barbara Katz Rothman 

"It takes a village to raise a child" (African proverb) & it takes a village to raise a mother. Sunflower sessions are your village of support & wellbeing. Join us for pregnancy groups, mother & baby classes or wellbeing sessions - we will hold space for you, welcome you just as you are & offer friendly, non-judgemental & inclusive support & guidance wherever you are on your journey.

This is the home of holistic birth preparation, postnatal support, baby & kids massage & yoga, mindfulness, movement & wellbeing in Brecon, Crickhowell, Llangorse & Talybont on Usk.

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An holistic approach, focusing on mind & body, is at the core of our classes. Where the mind leads, the body follows, so caring for both is the path to better mental, emotional & physical health & overall wellbeing.

Sunflowers evoke feelings of happiness, joy, calm & positivity, helping oxytocin & endorphins flow. These are the hormones that help with birth, bonding with our babies & children, & make us feel good, so we want them to flow freely & to do more of what makes us feel good. 

Move. Breathe. Relax.  🌙 

I offer a continuity of care from pregnancy, to birth, to postnatal support, baby classes, kids yoga, nature sessions & practical mindfulness & wellbeing for mums, parents, babies & children, with a range of classes for every body. 

Babies & children don’t need perfection, they need connection & our baby massage & yoga classes are designed to help you connect, bond & build confidence in yourself as a parent. Touch is baby's most advanced sense as skin is the first organ to develop & babies can feel the sense of touch even in the womb. Touch & connection are vital to infants & allow babies to thrive. Massage, nurturing touch & play are great ways to communicate your love for your child, enjoy focused time together, to discover who they are as a person, nurture your bond, as well as gaining practical skills that can help to soothe, ease & comfort your baby, & to build your confidence as a parent.

"Ceri really understands what it is like being a new mum. Sunflower baby sessions really helped support me throughout maternity leave, & gave me lots of ideas to soothe, connect & play with my baby with confidence. I love being part of a community of other local mums too." Anna & baby Alice (Baby Massage, Baby Yoga & Tree Babies)

Sunflower kids yoga is about inspiring kids to move, breathe and relax and explore yoga through stories, games and play.  Kids experience mindfulness techniques and learn coping and calming skills whilst enjoying the fun of the poses, being immersed in the story and creating elements of the story themselves. Yoga is the perfect activity to nurture curiosity about their own bodies, the poses, their minds, feelings and emotions and the world around them and I use themes to link the stories to the kids interests, focuses and worries or concerns as a way to explore navigating these moments in real life. Yoga helps build stronger, more resilient, compassionate, empathetic, creative and self-aware children, who focus and concentrate better, feel happier, have the skills to regulate their own emotions and calm themselves, and understand the importance of their own health and wellbeing.

"The body benefits from the movement, and the mind benefits from the stillness" Sakyong Mipham

When it comes to your birth, I strongly believe the power of a birth plan & preparing for birth is about the process of becoming educated about your options, your wants & don’t wants, & finding techniques & methods that help you feel calm, relaxed, in control & able to let go & trust your own body & instincts. This is where Hypnobirthing comes in, a powerful & very effective form of birth preparation that prepares your mind & body for birth & is as much about the physiology & biomechanics of labour as it is about breathing, movements, positivity anchors & affirmations. It’s the real deal, grounded in evidence & gives you skills for life too.

"Ceri is incredibly knowledgeable - & not just text book knowledge: she showed a deep understanding of the body, the science behind birth but also an incredibly empathetic understanding about how women feel & what can or may happen, with many different suggestions to support myself & others regardless of different circumstances, fears & preferences." Nikki (Hypnobirthing course)

All classes provide nurturing support, relaxation, movement, powerful breath work, empowering education, community & a safe space for women, birth partners, babies, kids & families to gather, connect, relax & learn together with the focus on wellbeing for all.

“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change” - Marie Mongan

"Mindfulness is opening up your senses, & noticing what is all around you & within you, with a fresh perspective, & without judgement" (Ceri, Sunflower Birth, Baby & Wellbeing)

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To book one of the courses detailed below, or to find out more, click on the yellow button or get in touch via email

You can also email to request a 1 to 1 or a bespoke online or in-person offering.

Payment is required in advance via PayPal, Stripe or BACS to secure your booking.

Confirmation & further details will be sent after payment.

Your data is protected & only used for purposes relating to the course & your booking (full privacy policy available on request) 



A complete 5 week practical birth preparation course for mums equipping you with effective techniques for pregnancy, labour & birth through breathwork, mindful movement, relaxations, positivity & comfort anchors, active birthing positions, basic birth biomechanics & diving into the detail around your birthing options, from the medical to the alternative, educating you about the whole labour process & how to work with your body & calm your mind through every stage of labour.

As well as giving you a comprehensive antenatal education & informing your birth options, these sessions give you time to relax, connect with your pregnancy & bump, & tune into your birthing body as well as giving you space to listen to what your heart & mind need to birth with confidence, positivity & excitement. They are a beautiful way to nourish & nurture yourself in pregnancy as you prepare for birth. 

Designed to leave you feeling confident, prepared, relaxed, fully supported and excited about your pregnancy, birth and beyond!

*Comprehensive handouts, free Birth Prep journal, guided wave relaxation mp3, pack of affirmations cards & make your own essential aromatherapy oil blend for pregnancy & birth included in course fee.

There will also be the option of joining us for a reunion bump/baby walk at the end of the term to go over any of the techniques, chat through anything in an informal way & to continue to build on your community of support.

"Ceri is so knowledgeable about birthing that you leave one of her classes feeling so well informed, so confident & empowered to strive for the birth that you want & with the know-how to back it up." (Bridget, course attendee)



The active birth preparation class, featuring birth breathing and pregnancy yoga based movement flows to bring release, comfort & aid common pregnancy ailments such as heartburn & aching muscles. Including Hypnobirthing elements to build your birthing toolkit and closing with a beautiful relaxation session.

This course is antenatal education, pregnancy relaxation and pregnancy movement combined to prepare both your mind and body for birth.

For mums-only ***, suitable from 14 weeks pregnant, with contraindications and adaptations always available.

Supports all birth choices and suitable for all bodies - no experience of yoga or relaxation techniques necessary, I will guide you all the way.

Designed to leave you feeling released, prepared, nurtured, relaxed and supported in pregnancy whilst your prepare for birth.

Find what feels good for you as we move, sway, rock, stretch, release & balance your body & mind in pregnancy as your prepare for birth. We create space for your comfort & for baby to find their best position. We release muscle tension & work with the biomechanics of birth helping you to understand, trust & connect more fully with your amazing pregnancy & birthing body.

Meditations, pranayama (breath work) & relaxation techniques help to promote calm & make this a truly relaxing holistic experience. You deserve this time to yourself.

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A 4 hour comprehensive workshop that may be split into 2 sessions of 2 hours for mums & birth partners to learn about Hypnobirthing techniques & prepare for birth together. This is focused on active birth, how to be a practical birth partner and massage/rebozo techniques and practice.

Works brilliantly as a follow on from the Mother’s Circles to get your birth partners up to speed & to practice & prepare together, but also works as a stand alone couples workshop that can be tailored to what you really want to explore & practice together.  

Designed to leave you both feeling prepared, confident, supported, knowledgeable about your options & rights, & completely in tune with each other's needs & feelings around pregnancy, birth & beyond.

The focus of this workshop is to get you both moving, trying out different movements that help you to feel more released, comfortable and open for birth and to explore different active birth positions together and learn why they help your body in labour.

We will introduce basic birth breathing so you will know how to move and breathe through your birth, and discuss birth physiology in an accessible way with practical techniques for you both to support this.

There is a hands-on guide to massage and rebozo techniques for pregnancy and birth, and we explore all of your birth choices and options to inform your birth plan together. 

*Active Birth and Massage and rebozo handouts & refreshments included in course fee.

"All birth partners should have this knowledge. Not only to help their partner have a positive & relaxed experience but for them to have one too." (Johnathan, couples workshop attendee)



4 or 5 weeks of parent & baby sessions, combining baby massage & reflexology techniques to help soothe, settle, calm & connect with your baby along with 4th trimester support & space to chat over a cuppa with other mums & build your village of support & wellbeing.

Designed to give you time & space to recover, relax, be nurtured, supported & socialise with other local mums, whilst learning a new life long skill to connect & bond with & soothe your baby.

*Complimentary bottle of baby massage oil included, if you wish to use it, plus a weekly cuppa & biscuits.

"This is SO much more than a baby massage class. Its for the mums as much as the babies" (Ellen)



5 weeks of parent & baby sessions combining sensory play with gentle yoga movements designed to aid your baby’s development, release muscle tension & integrate their mind & body connection. Each class follows a theme centred around a story based on nature, introducing you & your baby to treasure baskets & heuristic play, with gentle postnatal movements & support for mums. Free-play resources available each week to encourage your babies to explore, learn & discover the world around them.

Designed to help you relax & feel supported & nurtured whilst connecting deeper & having fun with your baby whilst learning developmental play & movement techniques in an accessible & relaxed way.

*Handouts on developmental play & heuristic learning included, along with a guided relaxation mp3, & a weekly cuppa & biscuits.

"This was my favourite class of the week. I learnt so much about my baby, made friends & grew in confidence as a mum. Thank you so much!" (Sophie)

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Yoga for toddlers & kids - fun movement & mindfulness classes for ages 2-4 (Yogi Tots)  & 5 - 8 (Little Yogis), stretching & releasing muscles, learning powerful breathing techniques to stay calm, deal with emotions & energise. Based around a theme or story these classes are designed to connect movement, breathing, mindful moments, story-telling, play, creativity & curiosity allowing kids to explore yoga & the many benefits it brings in a safe & fun space whilst supporting their natural development, learning, curiosity & imagination.

"I like that you get to be part of the story with Ceri's yoga. It was fun doing it with friends." (Jasper, age 6)

"Your classes are excellent & you are suberb with the kids. They loved it!" (Emma, teacher)

"William is having a great time!" (Lucie, William's mum (age 4)



Creating connection & community for parents & babies in nature, celebrating the wheel of the year. As parents, we are our baby’s guide & we can offer nature to baby, & baby to nature, gifting them a sensory rich experience & offering up a life-long love of nature. These beautiful sessions combine mindfulness, forest bathing, eco therapy, nature activities, relaxation, breath work & offer you chance to slow down, appreciate the beauty all around us, observe & connect with your baby, connect with nature & connect with other local parents. We encourage baby wearing as this is a walking group with some time to sit, relax, enjoy a tea or Cacao ceremony & mindfulness moments.

"These sessions are magical! A great way to escape the busyness of life, exercise, get out in nature and talk to other mums. Tree Babies is calming, rejuvenating & fun!" (Emily & Alice)

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Connecting kids with nature, movement & mindfulness

Wild Child Forest Playgroup is a forest school based gathering open to all kids aged between 0-6 years old. We meet Friday mornings from 9.15am - 10.15am in term time in the forest school area on the playing fields at Llangorse Primary School.

Kids Yoga Summer Clubs take place on Tuesdays during the Summer holidays with classes for 2-4 year olds, and 5-8 year olds at The Muse, Brecon and Glangrwyney Village Hall. Watch this space for other kids yoga pop-ups and specials.

I have 2 special FREE Kids Yoga school holiday pop-ups funded by Playworks Project Powys coming up on Thursday 1st August, 10.30am - 11.30am at Maescar Community Centre, Sennybridge and in 2025, on Wednesday 26th February at The Muse, Brecon. Both aimed at 3-8 year olds.

A regular Kids Yoga After School Club runs every Thursday from 3.30-4.30pm during term time at Llangorse Primary School - open to pupils of the school only.

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Class Timetable and Venues

Pregnancy and Birthing classes take place at St Johns Family Centre, Brecon and Glangrwyney Village Hall.

Baby classes run from The Muse, Brecon and Glangrwyney Village Hall.

Tree Babies meets at Henderson Hall, Talybont on Usk or in our magical field in Bwlch and we walk along the beautiful canal paths, herb garden and woodlands of the area.

Wild Child Forest School sessions run every Friday in term time from 9.15am-10.15am in Llangorse at the back of the school playing fields..

I also run Baby Yoga & Kids Yoga sessions with Flying Start Powys in Brecon & Ystradgainlas, please contact them directly to book these.

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Have a question about one of our classes or about Hypnobirthing, Baby Massage, Tree Babies or Baby or Childrens Yoga in general? Want to book a class or be added to the mailing list? Please do get in touch.

Always happy to support you to make the right choice for you and your baby.

Brecon Beacons, Wales

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Welcome to my little birth, baby & wellbeing business. I’m Ceri, lucky mum to 2 gorgeous little ones. I live in the beautiful Brecon Beacons with my husband, kids, dog, kitten & a couple of chickens. I love being by the sea, in the mountains, in the woods & out in the wild as much as possible & believe in the power of nature to support wellbeing, heal, enlighten, guide & inspire us. 

I’m an antenatal & postnatal teacher  with over 6 years experience. I specialise in Hypnobirthing, Active Birth & in making antenatal education accessible to all. I don’t care how you want to give birth, I care that you feel supported, informed, prepared & empowered to make the best decisions for you & your family & that you know your birth rights & can advocate for what you want. I want you to feel calm & confident, excited & clued-up, to feel respected & attuned with your mind & body, to know all of your options & to have realistic expectations about pregnancy, birth & beyond. I’m here to help you achieve that through knowledge, sharing powerful yet simple techniques to help you to understand, work with, & trust your body, mind and instincts, & to inform all of your choices around pregnancy, birth, matresence & your baby.

I support mums & birth partners in preparing for birth & the postnatal period holistically & wholly, together as a team with practical, effective techniques & evidence-based information so that they can make the best choices for their pregnancies, births, postnatal recoveries & parenthood, & be prepared for whatever happens. 

I am also a Wildflower Lecturer supporting & empowering other birth workers & parents as a Birth Educator & Biomechanics of Birth specialist. 

I support all births, all choices & believe that everyone should have access to comprehensive birth preparation. My courses are for every body & every birth - no previous experience of Hypnobirthing, yoga, mindfulness or meditation needed, just an open mind.

I also teach baby massage, baby yoga & fourth trimester wellbeing classes supporting mums in the first critical 1001 days after birth, & am a trained breastfeeding peer supporter & ‘tell me a good birth story’ birth buddy. Birth preparation, baby development & parent & baby wellbeing are my passions & I'm here to support you in whichever way works best for you.

I am excited to be offering pregnancy yoga in 2024 & new for this year, I am bringing fun, nurturing & age-appropriate toddler & kids yoga to local schools & Summer sessions, combining the brilliant Cosmic Kids story yoga with nature based themes, mindfulness activities for kids & yoga games. I love sharing the benefits of my beloved yoga, mindfulness moments & movement practice with children from 2-8 years old, these are life skills, coping skills & calming skills that build resilience, confidence, self-compassion, a greater awareness & balance.

I’ve been practicing yoga for 2 decades now & I love the way it keeps me balanced & grounded & helps me to find calm, relaxation & release, along with regular meditation & mindfulness. It's a wonderful practice for pregnancy to aid release, relaxation, comfort & bring balance to the body & the womb to support the baby to find their best position for birth too. 

I have trained as a meditation teacher to guide others & share in the benefits of being present, being kind & compassionate to ourselves & others, & taking time to just ‘be’ amongst all the busy doing of our day to day lives. I love holding Tree Babies & Wild Winter Baby Nurture Circles to share my love of forest bathing, nature, walking, Cacao ceremonies, & mindfulness with parents and babies as a wellbeing tool. 

Please do get in touch if you wish to find out any more about my classes, parent & baby wellbeing, or how I can help you prepare for birth or support you in your matresence (transition to & evolution of motherhood).

I hope to meet you on the mat soon. 

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I have trained comprehensively & qualified in the following certifications & topics so you can be assured I have the appropriate knowledge, skills & safeguarding practices to teach my courses & support you holistically:

Hypnobirthing Teacher, Perinatal Educator, Active Antenatal Teacher, Baby Massage Instructor, Baby Developmental Play & Baby Yoga Teacher, Blossom & Berry Tree Babies Guide, Nature Babies Teacher, Wild Winter Baby Nurture Circles Guide, Cosmic Kids Yoga Teacher, Cosmic Kids Yoga Class Management Training, Wildflower Kids Yoga Teacher, Wildflower Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, Mothers Circle Facilitator, Biomechanics of Birth training with Optimal Birth, Birth Anatomy & Physiology CPD, Focus on the Pelvic Floor CPD, Childbirth Physiology with Rachel Reed CPD, Reclaiming Childbirth as a Rite of Passage with Rachel Reed CPD, Birth Doula training CPD, Meditation Teacher training, Mindfulness for Children CPD & more. 

I am studying my 200hr Yoga Teacher training, 100hr Yin Yoga Teacher training & Pregnancy Yoga further training to deepen my practice, knowledge & awareness.

I have completed my Reiki 1 and am practicing my Reiki 2 currently. 

(Please just ask if you would like to see a full list of qualifications and training before you book)

I regularly update my training with CPD study & follow the latest developments & research within the perinatal & baby and child development & wellbeing world to ensure I am always giving you evidence based, up to date & non biased information so that you can make the best choices for your family. 

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