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The Magic of Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga is a wonderful way to connect with your baby, whilst having fun, meeting other mums & learning about ways to play with your baby that aid their physical, emotional & cognitive development.

Baby Yoga classes encourage creativity, curiosity & confidence in a supportive, relaxed & engaging environment that gives babies freedom to learn & explore the world around them at their own pace & time.

Here's a few reasons why Baby Yoga is brilliant for both you & your baby:

🌟Aids physical development, ESPECIALLY balance, coordination & SENSORY-MOTOR SKILLS

🌟Builds body & spatial awareness  

🌟Stimulates all the senses

🌟Regulates the nervous system

🌟Integrates the brain-body connection

🌟Deepens connection & infant-parent bonding

🌟Aids respiration & digestion

🌟Improves learning & social development

🌟Gives you confidence in handling & moving safely with your baby

🌟Enhances overall immune system function

🌟Boosts blood- flow & circulation

🌟Gives you developmental play inspiration

⭐️ Most importantly, it’s fun, it sets a strong foundation for you and your baby to connect, move and play together, it builds both confidence for the both of you, and it’s a wonderful social activity for both mums and babies.

Sunflower Baby Yoga classes are a fun & safe space for your little ones to explore, move & play, & a welcoming place for you to connect with other parents, find a village of support & look after the wellbeing of both you & your baby.

Come and experience the Magic of Baby Yoga for yourselves.

Designed to help you relax & feel supported & nurtured whilst having fun with your baby. Learn developmental play & movement techniques in an accessible & relaxed way.

*Handouts on developmental play & heuristic learning included, along with a guided relaxation mp3, & a weekly cuppa & biscuits.

"This was my favourite class of the week. I learnt so much about my baby, made friends & grew in confidence as a mum. Thank you so much!" (Sophie)

Terms run in 4-5 week blocks in Brecon & Glangrwyney. Book the course or drop in for single sessions. Check the latest timetable here:

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